How to install head and tail light film

Tools Needed

  • Felt card, or a regular hard card wrapped in felt material.
  • Utility knife. (Must have sharp blade and tip!)
  • Heat gun.
  • Cleaning supplies. (Nonabrasive please!)
  • Water-Soap solution (¼ tsp of baby shampoo for every quart of water)


Installation Instructions

  1. Thoroughly clean surfaces – Make sure that all surfaces where you intend to install the film are completely clean and dust free.
  2. Prepare the film –Cut enough material to cover the surface that you want to wrap. Make sure you leave 1 to 3 extra inches; this will ensure that you cover the area properly and leave no uncovered spots.
  3. Remove the adhesive liner – Once the vinyl is cut, completely remove the liner on the back and apply a mix of water and baby shampoo to the exposed adhesive backing and the surface where you intend to install the film. Make sure you apply solution generously on both surface and film. This will aid you when is time to position the film.
  4. Apply the vinyl – With the adhesive backing exposed; now you can apply it to the desired surface. Just center the piece over it, and squeegee out the water and air between the surface and the vinyl. Make sure you start from the center of the surface and work your way out to the edges. Also, use a heat gun or hair dryer to help you smooth out any imperfections. However, use heat responsibly. Do not overheat the material! Failure to do this will cause the material to melt.
  5. Cut excess material – After the completion of the last step, cut off any excess material. For a seamless look, tuck in the material inside any crevice and then cut the excess out.

***Please note, that these instructions are just suggestions given to us by our installers. There are many different techniques available and each produce similar results.***

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